ROOM 203 @ KL

Where else can we find RM5 coffee in the busiest town in Malaysia other than Room 203 in Publika, a cafe in KL. Location is A3-G2-08.

Room 203 in KL

Room 203 Quick Summary


Easy to choose your coffee
Good choice of cold brew
Ample space


No other beverage
Limited choice of coffee
No food
Hot environment
No sofa or cushion chair
Table is too small for more than 2 people

The space is wide but the tables were too small for even a small coffee gathering and catch up. To us, is more of a personal table just for coffee, definitely cannot fit a laptop or ipad or paper or book. There are only bench, no cushion or sofa to relax. Is like a place to grab a dose of coffee, drink it and continue your plan in Publika.

Room 203, Cafe in KL
Cafe in Publika
Room 203 @ KL

Food & beverage

Every cup is RM5, whether is freshly brewed or cold brew in the vending machine.

Coffee menu Room 203

The menu is simple, either black or white, hot or cold coffee. There are more choices in the vending machine. However, there is no other beverage served and also no meal or dessert provided.

Coffee vending machine in Publika
Room 203, Cafe in KL

These menus are up on the wall but they are not available yet.

Coffee in Publika

This is our order, iced white coffee. Shall try the coffee in the vending machine the next time we go to Publika.

Our Point of View

If you are on a drink-and-go mood and not quite sure where to get it in Publika, our advise is to give Room 203, located at A3-G2-08. Oops…we forgot to take a picture of our point of view. Next time hah…..

Food & beverage2.5/5
Customer service3.5/5

Opening hours : Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am to 6pm

Feel free to visit their FB

Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion. Cheers!