Mong Bakery @ batu pahat

Mong Bakery coffee and main course

Heard of Mong Bakery in Batu Pahat? Ever been to Mong Bakery? No doubt, it is one of the best cafe in Batu Pahat. Coffee, tea, dessert and main course, all under one roof. Most importantly, so far we have no regret going there.

Mong Bakery @ batu pahat
Mong Bakery inside

Lets enter Mong Bakery.

Mong Bakery Quick Summary


Many drinks choices, coffee to tea
Serves main courses and cakes
Good customer service
Allow pre-order of cake


Difficult parking
Limited seats
Feels hot and noisy if full house on weekend
No sofa

Magazine corner
Mong Bakery
Best cafe in Batu Pahat
Balcony view

Simple and nice design. Feels like we are in a cafe in Japan. On weekend, it is full house all the time, so remember to book in advance. On top of that, there is a limited dining duration of 2 hours.

Food & beverage

We have been there a few times. Ordered rose cafe latte, mocha, cafe latte, iced Americano, dirty latte and many more. All are good!

Iced Americano, dirty latte, cafe latte
Best coffee in Batu Pahat
Cafe latte in Batu Pahat
Mocha & cold cafe latte
Rose cafe latte
Latte art by Mong Bakery

Tried all the main courses before. They are all Japanese style don. We just love it. The chicken katsu in Sun Chicken Don is so juicy and crispy, so far the best we have ever tasted in Batu Pahat. Also highly recommend Sun Fish Don!

Mong Bakery Smoked Duck Kimchi Don
Mong Bakery Sun Fish Don
Japanese Curry Chicken Don
Kokoro Don with dirty latte

Mong Bakery serves all kind of cold and hot coffee, latte, tea and yogurt. They even have Mong special and barista special drinks which we haven’t try. Perhaps, can buy one the next time we visit and will update you about how it taste. There is also croissant on the menu. Set combo allows RM1 – 3 discount. If you are there for lunch, can go for this set. By choosing your favourite don and a cup of coffee worth RM 13, you can earn RM3 discount!

Mong Bakery Menu

Mong Bakery full menu
Kokoro, Mong Bakery
Tea menu
Tea menu

Mong Bakery also serves cakes. They take orders too. We ordered Oreo crepe cake for birthday before. It was good!

Our Point Of View

Our Point of View

Highly recommend Mong Bakery. Although it can be packed during the weekend, it is still worth a visit if you happen to be here only on weekends. Don’t forget to do booking during peak hours to avoid disappointment ya!

Food & beverage5 / 5
Customer service5 / 5
Environment3 / 5
Cleanliness4.5 / 5

Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12noon to 7pm

Monday closed.

Feel free to visit their FB

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Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion. Cheers!