Wells Cafe @ batu pahat

Well…well…well…..Welcome to Wells Cafe @ Batu Pahat review! Should say, so far Wells Cafe is the only cafe in Batu Pahat that uses British style ceramic coffee cup. For past a year, new cafes are mushrooming in Batu Pahat and Wells Cafe is one of them.

Wells Cafe British style ceramic cup

Come follow us into Wells Cafe!

Wells Cafe Quick Summary


Many choices of drinks (caffeinated and non-caffeinated)
Food ranges from oriental to western, even has personal steamboat
Cake taste good
Every table has a plug point
Easy to locate
Has order bell
Long opening hours


Difficult parking
Table too big, so seats are too far apart
No cushion / sofa

We came here twice for lunch, once was a weekday, another was a weekend. It is quite empty on a weekday while on weekend, it is one of the not so crowded cafe. Just nice for a good meal and enjoy the atmosphere.

Wells Cafe front view
Wells Cafe in Batu Pahat
How to make coffee by Wellls Cafe
Cozy cafe in Batu Pahat

The interior design is not bad. However, there is no cushion for the chairs and the tables are too big. We need to talk louder. Cannot imagine if it is full house, probably may have to shout to be heard. Ooops…..

Cafe in Batu Pahat
Cakes in Batu Pahat
Wells Cafe atmosphere
Wells Cafe @ batu pahat

Almost at every table, there is a plug point. Suits us so well to blog while dining.

Food & beverage

We ordered popcorn cafe latte, Well Special (it’s coffee), carbonara spaghetti and top it off with taro cake. Very seldom that we take flavoured coffee and this is one of the very few times. The coffee is a little sweet for us.

However, not everything is a disappointment. The carbonara spaghetti with grilled bacon taste good. The yam cake is their bestseller. Smooth and blends well with the cake. The texture is good and the sweetness is just nice.

Popcorn Cafe Latte & Wells Special
Lunch in Wells Cafe Carbonara
Teatime in Wells Cafe
Best seller Wells Cafe Taro Cake
coffee and cake in Batu Pahat

Wells Cafe menu contains a variety of drinks, ranges from coffee to tea and many sorts of western and oriental food. You can even order personal steamboat. There is also a dessert menu but mostly are cakes. We wanted to try the Portuguese egg tart but it was sold out that day. Perhaps our target in next try for usual latte.

Wells Cafe Menu

Drinks Menu
other drinks menu
Dessert Menu
western food menu
snack menu

Pick the choices of cakes at the counter.

cake choices
coffee beans

They are not selling beans yet. These are just for display purpose.

Our Point Of View

Wells Cafe @ batu pahat, Our Point of View

The carbonara spaghetti is good, not easy to find one in Batu Pahat. The cake is good. If you prefer a little sweetness in your coffee, then Wells Cafe is the place.

Food & beverage3 / 5
Customer service4.5 / 5
Environment4 / 5
Cleanliness5 / 5

Opening hours 12noon to 10pm.

Closed on thursday.

Visit their FB https://www.facebook.com/Wells-Cafe-105770981349169/

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Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion. Cheers!