5.6 Coffee Workshop @ batu pahat

5.6 Coffee Workshop @ batu pahat

We have been to 5.6 Coffee Workshop in Batu Pahat for few times and tried most of the lattes, waffles and a pick me up, or we call it tiramisu. Yes! So far, this cafe in Batu Pahat is the only place that offers coffee classes.

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5.6 Coffee Workshop Quick Summary


Very friendly and nice baristas
Nice latte art
Variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks
Ample parking spaces
Offers coffee classes
Long opening hours during weekends


Limited main course
Small signboard (difficult to locate)
On 3rd floor (no lift)
No beans delivery
No roast-to-order beans

5.6 coffee workshop

This cafe design is based on minimalist concept which is very simple, nice and neat!

5.6 cafe in Batu Pahat

This cafe in Batu Pahat is fully air-conditioned and very conducive for relaxation while sipping a cup of coffee. So, it’s definitely one good place to chill and relax after a hard day at work!

Food & Beverage

This cafe focuses on coffee, therefore you can get all the types of latte and black coffees here. Moreover, the choices for hand drip can easily reach up to 10 different coffee beans. So, if you are adventurous, you can try out the signature coffee series. In addition, there are also a list of non-caffeinated drinks, just so if you are a non coffee person or don’t prefer to take coffee in the evening.

5.6 Coffee Workshop Menu

5.6 coffee workshop menu
5.6 cafe menu
5.6 creamy drinks menu
5.6 cafe Batu Pahat menu
5.6 coffee workshop food menu
5.6 cafe Batu Pahat dessert menu

Desserts are limited. However, the waffle blends well with the fruits and ice cream, so yummy! They have brunch here but we have not tried any yet because we usually go after 5pm.

fruit waffle in 5.6 cafe
cheese cake

Their menu are bilingual but the cake choices are written in Chinese. But, not to worry because the barista is nice to help.

dessert menu
cold chocolate
dirty latte
chocolate drink

Some beverages to feed your eyes…

Hand brew, cold brew, ice chocolate, dirty latte and many more…

cold brew
monkey latte art
5.6 Coffee Workshop in Batu Pahat
rose latte
capuccino latte art
cafe latte art

Without realising, we have these much of latte art collection. Hmm~~

5.6 coffee workshop
latte art

Coffee Beans Choices

This cafe is not a roastery but you can buy coffee beans from them whose supplier is JWC Roastery. As a result, their choices are very much dependent on JWC stock availability and no roast-to-order. Therefore, you can only buy or order what is available. But no worries, despite that, this cafe in Batu Pahat still considered one that has many choices for filtered coffee but limited espresso blend. Minimal pack for filtered drip coffee is 200g whereas for espresso blend, is 500g and ooops, no grind coffee. Too bad….

Coffee Beans Quality

JWC Costa Rica Beans

Beans that they sell are always within a month and the good thing is there very minimal defect, but not so evenly roasted. (Oops…sorry, just realised that we have only taken picture of Costa Rica Hacienda beans and totally forgotten to take for the others.)


Dependent on type of coffee beans. What we have bought were Ethiopia Yirg Kochere 200g at RM55, Costa Rica Tarrazu 200g at RM60, Costa Rica Hacienda 200g at RM55 and espresso Columbia blend Brazil 500g at RM65.


JWC Beans

Coffee beans are packed into a roll down resealable bag with gas exit valve. In addition, the JWC design is very charismatic and there are quite many taste notes on it for filtered drip coffee beans. Moreover, it also states the origin of beans and roast value. Nice!

Initially, we weren’t confident that the coffee bag will keep the beans fresh but we decided to just keep it as it is after being convinced by the barista. Well, it turns out that the beans remain fresh till we finish them!

Our Point Of View

5.6 Coffee Workshop

Our Point Of View: 5.6 Coffee Workshop in Batu Pahat

No doubt that their latte art is one of the best in Batu Pahat town! Furthermore, the drinks are pretty good as well and their fruit waffle is good too! But we didn’t really like their pick-me-up because it taste like a not-properly-thawed coffee cake.

So, if you are looking for local source of filtered drip coffee beans, well, this is one to look out as they have more choices compared to other cafes. You can ask them anything about coffee because they are friendly and willing to share!

In conclusion, we recommend you to visit 5.6 Coffee Workshop if you happen to be in this town.

P/S: The barista is from JWC Academy. He offers coffee classes according to your time and level of knowledge in coffee. The price is comparable. (Just if you are interested ya)

Food & beverage4.5 / 5
Customer service5 / 5
Environment4 / 5
Cleanliness5 / 5
Coffee beans choices4 / 5
Coffee beans quality3.5 / 5
Packaging5 / 5

Operating hours:

Sun – Wed: 12pm – 7pm

Fri & Sat: 12pm – 10pm

Thu closed.

You can visit their facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Coffee-Shop/FIVE-POINT-SIX-Coffee-Workshop-103774058042966/

Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion. Cheers!