Louvre Brewer @ batu pahat

Louvre Brewer is a new cafe and small batch roastery in Batu Pahat and the owner was the previous owner of Coffee In Loft if you have ever been there. Been to Louvre Brewer for coffee and bagels. We also bought coffee beans from Louvre Brewer. Come follow us….

Louvre Brewer Quick Summary


Good coffee and bagels
Good customer service
Colourful and neat environment
Easy to locate
Coffee beans are fresh
Attractive coffee packaging
Late closing time


No main course
Drinks selection is not many
No roast-to-order service
Very limited coffee beans choice
Late opening time

Lowre Brewer @ batu pahat

Ooops…. didn’t manage to take the front view picture of the cafe because it is obscured. You should visit them at night when their lights are up. The front view is just amazing!

Lowre Brewer inside view

Very neat cafe and is by far the most colourful cafe we have been to in Batu Pahat! Very spacious, a good place to hangout, chit chat or just to chill after a hard day work like us.

Food & Beverage

There are list of coffee and non-caffeinated drinks but not many. It was a hot sunny day, so we ordered dirty latte and salted caramel latte. No doubt, never disappoint us!

Salted caramel latte in Batu Pahat
Dirty latte in batu pahat
Bagel with butter and blueberry by Lowre Brewer @ batu pahat

There is no main course here, only some bakery but they are good!

Chilling in cafe in Batu Pahat

Coffee Beans Choices

We are out of coffee beans. So, we bought 1kg of house blend and 250g of Ethiopia beans. As they are very small batch roastery, we don’t have other choices of single origin. If you want to purchase from them, probably can contact them via FB because they don’t constantly roast for filtered coffee.

Lowre Brewer Ethiopia Coffee Beans
Lowre Brewer house blend
Louvre Brewer house blend

The packaging has the gas exit valve and it is resealable. How convenient! Looks attractive and perfect from the outside, but sad to say, our has a defect upon opening. So we have to pour the beans out into our own coffee jar. Well, probably just being unlucky.

Coffee Beans Quality

Lowre Brewer Ethiopia Coffee Beans

Some beans are not so perfect. The roasting is not so even.

Price of Louvre Brewer Beans

House blend are considerably slightly cheap and the Ethiopia is normal price. 1kg house blend was RM85 and the 250g Ethiopia was RM 55.

Our Point Of View

One new cafe in our list of tea break hangout place. We definitely like the coffee a lot. Do recommend you to try Louvre Brewer cafe. It is a good local source of houseblend beans but not a smart choice for filtered coffee.

Food & beverage4.5 / 5
Customer service5 / 5
Environment5 / 5
Cleanliness5 / 5
Coffee beans choice2 / 5
Coffee beans quality3 / 5
Packaging3 / 5

Opens Wednesday to Monday at 1.30 pm to 10.30 pm.

Closed on Tuesday

Contact them via FB https://www.facebook.com/Louvre-Brewer-101268778608152/

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Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion.