Bite Bite Cafe @ batu pahat

Bite Bite Cafe

Recently, when talking about coffee and cakes, we can never miss Bite Bite Cafe in Batu Pahat. One of us is a ‘cake person’, so this cafe is in our favourite list!

Eager to know more about this in Batu Pahat? Let us take you through this Bite Bite Cafe review.

Bite Bite Cafe inside view
Bite Bite Cafe @ batu pahat
Bite Bite Cafe View

Bite Bite Cafe Review Quick Summary


Wide variety of cakes
Good long list of drinks
Proactive baristas
Simple and neat cafe
Comparably longer working hours


Difficult to find parking
No main course
Late opening time
Noisy when full house

Favourite cafe in Batu Pahat

So happened to visit during the Christmas season.

Bite Bite Christmas season

So much of Christmas feel…..

Food & beverage

It is one of the best cafe for cakes in Batu Pahat! The cake series are mostly different each time we step in. Guess that’s the reason they are not in the menu.

Bite Bite Dessert Corner

Bite Bite Menu

We are also spoilt by their list of drinks and it was really difficult to decide what to order. But luckily, the baristas are so patient to explain each and every choice which is super helpful.

Bite Bite drinks menu
Bite Bite light food menu
Bite Bite Cappuccino
Bite Bite Drinks
Bite Bite Dessert and Drink

Highly recommend the Black Cloud!

Bite Bite MCO Deals

They even have MCO deals. Overall save around RM1 – 2 for each piece of cake and RM2 – 3 for drinks. It is so worth trying for the price.

Ondeh-ondeh cake
Rum & raisin cake
Apple earl grey tea cake

Tapau few cakes: ‘ondeh-ondeh’, rum and raisin and hmmm….. couldn’t recall the name of the last one but taste like apple with earl grey tea… These cakes looked a lil messy, but taste as delicious.

Best cake in Batu Pahat
Best drinks in Batu Pahat

Ohya, we were asked to wait in the car and they sent straight to our car.

Bite Bite Take Away
Bite Bite cold drinks
Bite Bite member card

Remember to collect 10 love bites for a free cup of coffee.

Member card love bite

Our Point Of View

Our Coffee Diary Our Point Of View

Highly recommended for coffee and cakes but makan main course at somewhere first, then only come here for desserts. Hehe.

Food and beverage4 / 5
Customer service5 / 5
Environment3.5 / 5
Cleanliness5 / 5

Operating hours: 1.30pm to 9.30pm

Tuesday closed.

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Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion. Cheers!