Bean Shipper Review

Today, Bean Shipper Review will share our coffee bean online purchase experience. This time, we bought 250g of Tanzania Mawanga Majinja Peaberry and 250g of Nicaragua La Esperanza.

Bean Shipper Review Quick Summary


Many choices of coffee beans
Beans are fresh, roasted within 1 week
Coffee in different preparation
Good customer service, fast response
Fast delivery
Website is easy to use
Easy to pay
Delivers to all around the world
Cheap delivery fees


Package size depends on seller
Coffee choices not fixed, depends on seller
Not all coffee products on roasters’ website is sold here
No roast-to-order service


Bean Shipper is Malaysia coffee beans online store located in Kuala Lumpur. They collaborates with coffee roasters from Malaysia, Taiwan and Panama and delivers coffee to everywhere around the world. Their website also offers brewing guides and you can also register for latte art, hand drip and syphon classes.


Bean Shipper bean classification
Screenshot from Bean Shipper. So many choices of grind beans. Well classified and easy to find your choice of beans.

Coffee beans are espresso or filtered roast in whole beans, grounded for french press, aeropress, hand drip and drip bag. Some are offered as taster pack. However, all are dependent on roastery supply. So, if they are up in Bean Shipper website, then you can buy them.

Beans Choice

Bean Shipper coffee beans choices
Screenshot from Bean Shipper
Coffee beans choices
Screenshot from Bean Shipper

Beans Shipper collaborates with about 15 roastery to provide a good variety of coffee beans.

Beans Quality

Some may have roast date on website, some may not but the ones we received are roasted within a week. The beans are evenly roasted and minimal damage.

Bean Shipper, Panama from The Hub
Bean Shipper, Nicaragua by Brew & Bread


Price of coffee sold here is the same as the roaster’s website. Delivery fee is RM6 flat price and free for purchase above RM80.


As for subscription, you can choose whether you want single origin or espresso, roast profile, whole bean or ground according to brew method, how frequent to deliver but beans origin is a mystery. Subscription per bag is fixed at 200g or 250g, so you will have to choose how many bags or coffee plan you want at each delivery. Plan change can be done anytime!


If you consume a lot, would suggest to buy 2 bags at once as there is 5% and 12 plan coffee to save another 15%.


Bean Shipper beans description
Coffee beans description
Screenshot from Bean Shipper website

All important description of coffee beans are available. Simple and concise to read. There are also brewing recipe and tips to follow.


Nicaragua by Brew & Bread
Panama by The Hub

The coffee beans are packed into Bean Shipper box but no bubble wrap. Perhaps they have great confidence in the delivery. Anyway, our order came safely. Package was in good condition. Both beans are well packed by The Hub for Panama and Brew & Bread for Nicaragua with resealable bag. How convenient to store beans.

User Experience

Our order were delivered quite fast and we are alerted with email throughout the delivery. However, we were sent a totally different coffee beans order. They were fast in response and contacting us. A courier was sent to doorstep to pick up our wrong order and they delivered a newly roast Esperanza. Because they do not have a new batch of Tanzania, we were offered some choices and we picked Panama. No extra charge were incurred despite Panama being slightly more expensive. Well, very nice of them.

Bean Shipper Review

Our Point Of View

Purchasing from Bean Shipper is suitable for those who do not have roastery preference or those who wish to explore regarding coffee beans product from different roastery. They have a wide range of coffee beans and the website is easy to use. Otherwise, it is preferable to buy from roastery because not all coffee beans of a roastery is put on sale here.

Customization3 / 5
Beans choices5 / 5
Beans quality4.5 / 5
Flexibility4 / 5
Description5 / 5
Packaging4.5 / 5
User Experience4 / 5

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