Sin See Tai @ Melaka

sin see tai review

Today’s review is about this coffee roastery and cafe, Sin See Tai, hidden in the peaceful street of Jalan Jawa, Melaka. Sin See Tai is a small batch coffee roaster, a cafe, a bakery and an experimental ground for The Daily Fix Cafe.

coffee, food, dessert in Melaka
Sin See Tai @ Melaka

We went there with the intention to purchase some coffee beans and of course, to taste a cup of coffee and enjoy their dessert. It was a Friday evening and there were only a few customers.

Sin See Tai Quick Summary


Many choices of drinks (coffee & non-coffee)
Serves Japanese and Western main course
Cakes available
Sells whole beans and drip bags
Beans are fresh
Pre-order bagels, sourdough, donuts
Provides delivery to whole Malaysia


Narrow and steep stairs
Limited seats
Passive baristas
No roast-to-order coffee beans
Beans choice is limited and not fixed
Beans minimal order 500g
Very difficult parking

As we stepped into the cafe, we were welcomed by the baristas which were kind of passive. One question from us, one answer from them. Kind of difficult to expect a full explanation of the coffee beans unless u know what to ask. So, if you are a newbie, probably need to do some homework on coffee beans or bring along a coffee expert like what we did.

Inside Sin See Tai

From the outside, it has an antique look and the interior design is just compatible.

Cafe in Melaka
Cafe in Melaka

Fully air-conditioned inside with sofas, really a relief after a good walk around Jonker Street under the hot sun. However, it is kind of narrow. If there is a group of 5 – 6 customers at the ground floor, you will feel crowded.

Narrow stairs

The stair is steep and narrow too, need to be extra careful if bringing along elderly and kids.

Food & beverage

Hot cappuccino

Hot cappuccino, hot chocolate and lemon cheese cake, that’s our order. The mocha and chocolate are very rich. The cake is just as delicious, enough to share among 2 to 3 people. Definitely worth the price!

Sin See Tai hot chocolate
best cafe in Melaka
Sin See Tai lemon cheese cake dessert

Serving was fast but they forgot our lemon cheese cake. However, it was served immediately once reminded. There is no time limit despite the limited seats. Great!

Other than desserts, there are considerable variety of Western and Japanese main courses. The beverage lists are group into coffee and non coffee series. You can find all sorts of coffee drinks, name all you want. Oops…we left out a list of coffee menu. They also serve tea, fruit juices, matcha and not to forget, BEER!

Drinks menu
Drinks menu
Food menu
Food menu
Food menu
sin see tai menu

Coffee Beans Choices

Coffee beans are roasted in small batches. At one time, there are about 5 coffee beans of single origin for hand brew and 1 or 2 single origin or house blend for espresso. Choices are very much dependent on stock availability. No roast-or-order beans, can only buy what is at the counter. Besides, drip bags with mysterious grind coffee beans are on the shelf too.

The Daily Fix Beans

Coffee Beans Quality

Their beans are kept in airtight glass jar with roast date of 2 weeks ago. Very fresh! Defect beans are very minimal and roasting is very even.

The Daily Fix Ethiopia Beans
The Daily Fix Honduras beans


The smallest pack of beans is 500g regardless of single origin or espresso blend. 1kg is just a double up for the price. Here, there is no such thing as the more you buy, the cheaper. RM100 for 500g. Consider cheap!

As for drip bag, it is RM8/pack, RM35 for a box of 5 (RM5 cheaper). Our suggestion is buy and share!


Buy and share with your coffee buddy!


Beans are packed in resealable bag with one-way valve while drip bags have tear notch on 2 sides. Very convenient! However, if you ‘accidentally’ kept it for more than a month, we would suggest to keep those beans in an airtight coffee jar. Our package seal becomes malfunction after about 2 months.

Our Point Of View

Our Coffee Diary Our Point of View

It is a place to try out their coffee and bakery after considering the parking difficulty, potential to be crowded during peak hours and steep stair. If you are looking for roastery, yes! It is highly recommended here!

Food & beverage4.5 / 5
Customer service3.5 / 5
Environment3.5 / 5
Cleanliness4 / 5
Coffee beans choice5 / 5
Coffee beans quality5 / 5
Packaging2 / 5

Open everyday 10AM to 5.30PM

Contact them via Facebook page or give them a call at 016-221 6855 especially to avoid disappointment on coffee beans availability.

Everyone has their own taste. This is just our humble opinion. Cheers!